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Making a Hummingbird Hospital

When Catia Lattouf came across an injured hummingbird twelve years ago, she remembered the ancient Mayan legend that the gods will curse those who cage a hummingbird. In an effort to honor her Mayan ancestors, Lattouf took the bird, who she named Gucci, back to her Mexico City apartment to recover. The experience of nursing Gucci back to health brought much needed joy to Lattouf, who had recently lost her husband and recovered from colon cancer. She decided to take in more and more hummingbirds, and now uses her home as a makeshift hospital where birds fly freely and have access to plenty of plants, food, and medication. Now, the 73-year-old has become an expert on the species and is committed to saving as many hummingbirds as she can.

Image via Positive News

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