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Leng Leng Chancey: Executive Director of 9to5

9to5 is fighting for economic security for women in the United States. Their work focuses on equal pay, encouraging participating, and bringing women into positions of power. 9to5 works on the local and national level to bring women together to solve issues of gender equality. As the Executive Director, Leng Leng loves leading 9to5 because of how much the work at 9to5 positively impacts working women and their families.

What are some of the policies you’re advocating for to help women achieve full economic equality?

We believe that for any movement to succeed, it must be led by the people who are most

directly affected. Our work centers the leadership of women of color, who are the most impacted by inequality. We fight for policies at the local, state and federal level that will end discrimination in the workplace and beyond; win paid family medical leave for all; higher wages and equal pay; affordable, accessible and quality child care & more. We are also winning important rights and protections for renters, and adding our voice to the growing chorus for an equitable, green economy that centers working people and a healthy planet.

9to5 believes in full access to abortion and reproductive healthcare without limit. We will never

achieve economic justice without full bodily autonomy and the ability to make decisions about

whether and when to have a child. We are working together with the reproductive justice movement to restore and protect these rights.

What does true economic equality look like?

We believe that true economic equality means that all workers are able to thrive in an economy without racist and misogynistic barriers. Compassion and caring for one another are highly valued and centered, and the economy is grounded in wellness and collective accountability.

Tell me more about the power of participation. How does it help women and communities of color?

9to5’s “power of participation” leadership development program includes political education

workshops and our paid Community Justice Fellowships for grassroots BIPOC (Black,

indigenous and people of color) women leaders to learn organizing skills. Our programs give women the tools and know-how they need to continue making a difference in their communities, on issues that matter to them and their families. We help women find their place in the movement, and build the world we want to see together.

What are some of the benefits 9to5 is pushing for to help women have more flexibility in their work schedules?

9to5 is helping to advance fair workweek laws, which are sometimes known as predictive

scheduling laws. These are workplace protections designed to combat unpredictable scheduling practices. Fair workweek laws include protections such as employers giving advance notice for schedule changes; a minimum amount of rest time between shifts; and equal policies for both part-time and full-time workers. These types of policies make it possible for workers, especially those in shift work or hourly wage jobs, to access critical needs like child care, medical care and more. We also champion paid sick days and paid family and medical leave, which is separate from other paid time off such as vacation time. This is critical for workers to be able to take time off for illness or a major life change, such as the birth or adoption of a child, without taking away from paid time off for rest and vacation.


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