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Kevin and Glennis Davis: Co-Founders of A Giving Heart Project

Kevin and Glennis started A Giving Heart Project as a way to help members of their community who need support. Their programs are aimed at helping the homeless and other vulnerable individuals by providing food, clothing, shelter, school supplies, or anything else they may need. A Giving Heart Project is run by dedicated volunteers who bring the Charlotte community together to lift up those in need.

What made you decide to help the homeless, youth, and community of Charlotte?

My husband and I are the founders of A Giving Heart Project. We were both born and raised in Charlotte. We have a heart to serve and at a time where hatred and division threaten our community we wanted to be the change we wanted to see. We wanted to give and serve from a place of love. Our aim is to serve those in need and the most vulnerable in our community. So we sat out to do that work.

Can you tell us about what your projects entail?

Our work began with serving our homeless neighbors on the streets of Charlotte. We quickly learned that we had a calling to support and give love to children in our community as well. This led to our “ A Heart For The Youth” pillar. We organized our efforts in meeting the needs of scholars in the Charlotte Area, which led to an intersection of homelessness and academics, which then led to the formation of Project 365. Project 365 is focused on providing year round support services to McKinney-Vento and unaccompanied youth. We provide school supplies before school starts and throughout the school year. Additionally we provide snack kits and toiletries to the scholars through the year too.

Where do you hope to take A Giving Heart Project in the future?

We want to continue to build out Project 365 and be able to provide a greater span of support services to these scholars to include tutoring services as well. We have plans to open a full service community center that will offer these services along with health, wellness, educational, and other support services.

What is your favorite part of your job?

Our favorite part of the job is being of service to our community and really seeing the impact we are making first hand. Seeing how a project comes together from conception to being executed and fully operating is the best feeling ever!


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