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High School Diploma At Last

When Billy Ray Macon Sr was a senior at Anchorage High School in 1961, he was working night jobs to provide for his family. Without a car, Macon was left to walk an hour to and from school and he struggled to make time for homework. At graduation, Macon was awarded a diploma that read, “This student met minimum state requirements”. Although Macon was proud to graduate, he thought the statement diminished his accomplishment and has always been embarrassed by it. Macon achieved so much since then, including starting a business and writing a book, but the sting of the diploma never left. Macon’s granddaughter shared a message on social media about his experience at Anchorage High School that caught the eye of the school’s current principal. Principal Gustafson planned a special graduation ceremony for Macon and his family, complete with cheerleaders and a cap and gown, where he received a brand new diploma. Congratulations!

Image via Tafena Timpson

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