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"Goonies" Shipwreck Found

A team of archaeologists came across remnants from a famous shipwreck in a cave off the coast of Oregon. The Santo Cristo de Burgos is a Spanish ship that crashed in 1693. It was dubbed the “Beeswax Wreck” after locals reported seeing chunks of beeswax come ashore post-wreck. When the team of experts explored Oregon’s waters this summer to find the Beeswax Wreck, they discovered over 20 pieces of wood from the ship. The Beeswax Wreck has many similarities to the ship in the hit movie “The Goonies”, and many think that the film was based on the story of the Oregon shipwreck. Although “The Goodies” kids may have found gold, archeologists are equally as excited about their wooden findings.

Image via Maritime Archaeological Society

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