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Finishing Crafts To Relieve Grief

Jennifer Simonic and Masey Kaplan provide a unique form of comfort to grieving families through their organization Loose Ends, which finishes knitting and crochet projects left unfinished by deceased individuals. Loose Ends has 17,000 volunteer crafters in 60 countries who finish the uncompleted handmade treasures and return them to the original maker’s loved ones. Volunteers and those sending items work together to create a vision for the item, stitching a special keepsake that families can use to heal from tragedy and loss. No matter what the item may be, Loose Ends will find an expert crafter to take on the challenge of finishing it. Founders Simonic and Kaplan say that kitting and crochet projects are handmade expressions of love, and having an item from a lost loved one can be instrumental in moving forward. 

Image via Positive News 

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