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Dog’s Arctic Adventure

When Nanuq, a 1-year-old Australian shepherd, became lost on a trip in Savoonga, Alaska, the Iworrigan family feared they would never see their beloved dog again. Weeks went by without any sign of Nanuq, and the Iworrigan family eventually returned to their home in Gambell, Alaska. About a month after Nanuq disappeared, he was spotted in a small Alaskan town called Wales, which is about 150 miles northeast of Savoonga. The journey from Savoonga to Wales would have required Nanuq to trek across the frozen Bering Sea ice and face dangerous creatures like polar bears. Despite a bite on his leg from an unidentified animal, Nanuq was thankfully found in perfect health. Residents of Wales posted on Facebook about finding Nanuq, and connected with his owners online to facilitate his return. Though the Iworrigan family will never know what happened on Nanuq’s month-long arctic journey, they are simply happy to have their adventurous pup back home.

Image via Mandy Iworrigan

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