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Dog Reunited With Owner After Disaster

During the past summer, Ricardo Rodriguez went camping in Lake Tahoe with his beloved dog, Russ. Russ got spooked on a hike and ran into the woods, and Ricardo unfortunately wasn’t able to locate him. Later that summer, the California wildfires raged through the region and created mass destruction. Mere months later, a huge snowstorm hit that dropped several feet of powder. With that in mind, Ricardo was sure that he would never see Russ again. But, to his surprise, TLC 4 Furry Friends & Tahoe PAWS found Russ laying in the snow, somehow still alive after surviving the elements alone for several months. The organization contacted Ricardo from Russ’ microchip and the two had a tearful reunion just in time for the new year. Talk about a tough pup!

Image via Ricardo Rodriguez

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