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Danae Mobley: COO of Coded by Kids

Coded by Kids provides technology training to kids aged 8-18 from underrepresented groups. Kids learn about topics like software development, design, computer science, and entrepreneurship. As COO, Danae loves seeing students bring their ideas to life while learning valuable skills along the way. Learn more about Coded by Kids’ goal to create the next generation of tech leaders here!

Can you tell me about the need for your programs and who they are designed for?

Tech is a growing industry with a huge amount of potential, but the opportunities are not equitable. Our programs are designed to provide young people of all backgrounds with beginner to advanced level tech skills in areas where the lack of diversity, equity, and inclusion are the greatest. Through our programs, we focus on preparing our students for career and entrepreneurship opportunities with significant earning and growth potential.

What kinds of skills are taught at Coded by Kids?

We provide students with a range of technical and professional skills to prepare them for careers as software developers, user experience designers, and entrepreneurs. We utilize project-based learning to ensure that our students are learning in highly engaging environments and gaining real-world skills.

What is the goal for a young person graduating from Coded by Kids programming?

We aim to provide our students with the level of education, experience, and support necessary to become the next generation of tech and innovation leaders. We not only want our students to become part of the tech workforce, but to become tech founders and CEOs.

Where do you currently work and do you have any plans to expand?

Over the life of the organization, we have worked throughout the Philadelphia region, including New Jersey and Delaware. Currently, the majority of our offerings are located in Philadelphia, but we have plans to expand our virtual programming options to increase our reach nationally.


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