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Dads Road Trip for Charity

Peter Halliburton, Brett Stelmaszek, and Kevin Frye are three dads that have bonded under unfortunate circumstances: their children all suffer from the same rare genetic disorder called SYNGAP1. SYNGAP1 causes neurological issues, lack of motor skills, and seizures, among other symptoms. To help raise awareness for the disorder and garner donations for the SynGap Research Fund, the dads road tripped from New York to Los Angeles in a decked-out Tesla that featured colorful zebra stripes and the charity’s logo. The car was designed to attract attention on the road so that more people can learn about SYNGAP1. The dads live-streamed the whole car ride, which is called Cannonball for the Cure, to talk about the disorder, their journey, and why people should contribute to the cause. In the process, they raised over $150K for the cause.

Image via Brett Stelmaszek

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