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Blind Traveler’s Adventures

When Sassy Wyatt was in her twenties, she completely lost her sight due to complications from arthritis. Now in her early thirties, Wyatt isn’t letting blindness hold her back from exploring new places. Blindness has given Wyatt an appreciation for the sounds, smells, and experiences involved in travel that she didn’t have when she was sighted. Although she can’t sightsee in a traditional way, Wyatt travels with friends and family who describe their surroundings to her as she takes in the environment with her other four senses, and her guide dog Ida ensures she stays safe in unfamiliar places. Wyatt now uses her knowledge and experiences traveling to work with hotels, tourism companies, airlines, and more to make travel more accessible for those with blindness. As a travel consultant, Wyatt hopes that she can show other blind individuals that their lack of sight doesn’t have to prevent them from experiencing the world. 

Image via CNN

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