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Baby Delivery Turned Friendship

On June 29, 1988, Patrick Combs was on his way to work in San Francisco when he came across a crazy sight: a woman on the street corner in labor. Combs assisted the woman as she birthed a baby girl, named Searcy Hughes, on the sidewalk. The story became big news in San Francisco at the time, but Combs never knew what happened to the baby he delivered. Hughes ended up being adopted and raised in Virginia. 34 years later, Hughes decided she wanted to look more into her biological family history and stumbled upon articles about her birth in the streets of San Francisco. Hughes wanted to meet the man who helped bring her into the world and reached out to Combs on Facebook. The two met up in San Francisco to visit the birth place and learn more about each other. They are excited to be back in each other’s lives and look forward to remaining friends.

Image via San Fransisco Chronicle

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