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Astronauts for Artemis II

NASA is in the midst of selecting which astronauts will have the honor of being part of the next mission to the moon, which will launch in 2024. The 10-day mission, called Artemis II, will be NASA’s first trip to the moon in 50 years and will be the first crewed mission to orbit the moon. The only information NASA has announced about the crew is that the expedition will include three American and one Canadian astronauts. NASA has a more diverse pool of contenders to choose from than any of their previous missions, and it’s expected that the selected crew will be a mix of races and genders. Many professional qualifications are taken into consideration, but sometimes it can come down to small details. A former astronaut told CNN that if NASA only has a size medium spacesuit available and you wear a size extra-large, you won’t be selected for the mission. The highly secretive selection process is anticipated to conclude next month, when the chosen astronauts will be formally announced.

Image via NASA / CNN

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