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Achieving College Baseball Dreams

Jim Fullan is the newest member of the Montgomery County Community College in Blue Bell Pennsylvania, though he is often mistaken by other teams as a coach. The 56-year-old joined the college team after retiring from his long career in the U.S. Postal Service. Fullan, who is a father of three and grandfather of nine, has always been passionate about baseball but never had the opportunity to join a college team. The MCCC Mustangs’ coaches welcomed Fullan to their roster after seeing his impressive performance in tryouts and hearing his inspiring story. Fullan is now working towards his degree while keeping up with a rigorous practice and game schedule. Despite the age difference, Fullan has bonded with his fellow Mustangs. His Gen-Z teammates keep him feeling young, and Fullan shares his grandfatherly life wisdom with the team in return.

Image via Jim Fullan

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